How to Make Your Home Allergen-free to Prevent Allergies?

Who says that staying at home keeps you absolutely safe? If you do not keep your home free from allergens, they enter your body and can cause a number of allergic reactions. To keep yourself and your family members safe, you should check the entry of these dangerous allergens into your home. Given here are some simple and effective tips using which you can keep these dangerous allergens at bay and stay safer.

Vacuuming Carpets and Floors at Regular Intervals:

To curb the entry of allergens, home cleaning should be a priority. Keep your home dust free so that you can reap a long term benefit. Wipe the walls of your home with a damp cloth in every 3-4 months. Apart from that, you should also wipe the furniture and carpets of your homes frequently to avoid dust accumulation over them. The maximum amount of dust accumulates over your carpets and doormats so you should vacuum them at regular intervals.

Remove Residue From Clothes:

Allergens are accumulated not only on furniture, carpets and doormats, but your clothes also have the tendency to accumulate a commonly known allergen: starch. It is a residue left over your clothes when you wash them from detergents. To avoid the accumulation of this allergen, you should rinse your clothes well either with baking soda or Calgon at least 2-3times a month.  

Replacing Your Beddings:

Cotton fabrics are more likely to accumulate allergens as it is an excellent substrate for them so make it a point to clean your beddings and replace them at regular intervals. As you sleep over them for hours, you are likely to fall prey to a number of allergies if you do not maintain their proper cleaning. Also change your mattress regularly.

Install Air Purifier:

To keep yourself and your family in a safe and an allergen free environment, you should install an air purifier at your home. This equipment gives you an enhanced assurance of safe and absolutely clean environment.

Final Words:

Cleaning, washing and wiping your floors and wiping several other daily household items can make your home a safe place to live in. Do not forget to indulge in a rigorous cleaning of your home during vacations to remove the dust from every nook and corner of your home to get an allergen free ambience and your family will stay safe.

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