Best Cooking Oil for Diabetics And Heart Patients

All diabetics should be very particular about their choice of cooking oil so that they cannot fall victim to heart attacks and heart strokes. If you need a healthy heart, you will have to take a special care. Given here are the best cooking oil choices for the diabetics and people with heart ailments. Let us have a quick look

These Oil Supports a Healthy Heart:

Walnut Oil:

An excellent source of omega 3S, this polyunsaturated fat is considered to be one of the best choices. The oil has a smoke point of 400 degree F and therefore it is a great choice for sautéing, for baking and for low medium heats. You can simply drizzle it over your bread and enjoy its taste.

Flaxseed Oil:

This oil is also a polyunsaturated fat and a very good source of Omega 3S but its smoke point is relatively much lower so it is better not to cook this oil. This can be used in salad dressings.

Olive Oil:

When cooking is required at the medium heat, olive oil is the best cooking oil. It is a monounsaturated fat and have a smoke point of 325 degree F. This is indeed a wonderful oil for diabetics as it lowers the blood sugar levels and it is related to better functioning of insulin. You should take care to purchase extra-virgin olive oil because it is much lesser processed than other olive oils.

Grapeseed Oil:

It is considered good because it is polyunsaturated and has a very low saturated fat. It is considered to be an excellent oil for baking as it has a very high smoke point (420 degree F)

Palm Oil:

People fighting with high cholesterol levels should use palm oil for cooking. This oil has a perfect balance of unsaturated and saturated fats.

Sunflower Oil:

It is one of the best frying oils. All the food cooked in sunflower oil is light, crisp and non-greasy. Whether you want to sauté your food or deep fry it, sunflower oil is an ultimate choice. All the heart patients who want to cut down on their intake of butter should choose sunflower oil for baking. Heart patients who want to enjoy pastries, cakes and other baked items should use 3/4th of the sunflower oil in place of butter for the health reasons. That apart, sunflower seeds do not have trans fats (saturated fats) and therefore it is good for blood vessels and your heart.

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