Feeling Low? Switch on to Natural Stress Busters!

Are you fighting with regular mood swings and reaching for the comfort food to elevate your mood swings? If yes, then you need not compromise on your health to keep yourself  happy and be wise enough to choose the natural anti-depressants that can boost your mood, taste great and do not wreak havoc on your health. 


With all the goodness of Vitamin B12, zinc, selenium and iodine, mussels are an excellent source of proteins. B12 is essential for maintaining the grey cells (store house of human intellect). Mussels also keep obesity at bay as they contain zinc, selenium and iodine which  in turn regulate body metabolism. So whenever you are low, try to gulp down these low calories shell fishes instead of chocolates to get the type of figure you have always craved for. 


The another super food that contains tryptophan and folate in abundance is asparagus. All the veggies out there would be delighted to consume asparagus as an anti-depressant. The human brain makes use of tryptophan to prepare serotonin that stabilizes mood. Low serotonin and folate levels are the major causes of depression. 


Strawberries are a wonder fruit which contains a large amount of potassium. This is a great mood elevator and helps in weight control. Eating strawberries on a regular basis helps in endorphin-production which is essential for proper nerve functioning. 

Fresh Tomatoes: 

Tomatoes are rich in lycopene which is an antioxidant and helpful in maintaining your brain health. Whenever you are depressed, you are advised to eat raw tomatoes in the guise of salad. It reduces inflammation of brain layers. 

Organic Honey: 

Organic honey is darker in color, has a great taste and helps in combating mood swings. Try using organic honey in the tea instead of sugar when you are tensed, you would feel better instantly. 


If you think, eggs are meant for breakfast only, think again! Eggs are mood stabilizers. Enriched with the goodness of protein, acids, Vitamin B, iodine and zinc, eggs can be consumed whenever you feel miserable and lost. 


Coconut water is truly rejuvenating but the flesh of the coconut is equally good. Consume coconut as a whole if you want to be through with depression. 

So, the next time you feel aloof, tensed, worked up, stop munching cookies, chocolates and cakes switch on to stress busters blessed with nature’s goodness and see the amount of good they can do to your health. 

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