How to Obtain the Optimum Goodness of Fruits?

Everybody knows the importance of incorporating fruits in the diet chart. But, how many of you know that masticating fruits in empty stomach is the most advantageous. Your body accumulates toxins because of your unhealthy eating habits and taking fruits in ample amounts flushes that toxin out of your body. You must be knowing that eating fruits is beneficial to your health, but you might not be knowing in which form should you consume them. Let us have a quick look.

What Are the Popular Myths?

Normally, people buy fruits and only cut them before munching. They do not know how to extract the optimum benefits if fruits. Some people believe that oranges and lemons should be refrained from as they contain acid. There are several other prevalent myths like eating watermelon gives you the sensation of filling and you begin to belch,eating bananas results in loosening of motions and many more.

In Which Form Should You Take Them?

According to a world-renowned health specialist, Dr. Herbert Shelton, it is better to consume fruits instead of their juices. If you are taking fruit juices make sure to keep it in your mouth for some time so that your saliva gets mixed in it and you can get the maximum benefit.

What Type of Kiwi Fruit?

When you are out to purchase kiwi fruit, make it a point to buy smaller ones (having more goodness of fiber, potassium, magnesium and Vitamin C. Kiwi fruit is a boon to your health and the quantity of Vitamin C found in this fruit is twice the amount of Vitamin C found in the oranges.

Strawberries are good for the Cancer Patients:

Eating strawberries or having their juices helps you in more than one way. Strawberries are rich in anti-oxidants and keep obesity and aging at bay. If you are a heart or a cancer patient, you must consider having juice of fresh strawberries in empty stomach to get the optimum benefits.

What To Do When Fruits Cause Acidity?

There is no need to eliminate fruits from your diet chart if you think that they are the cause of acidity. According to heart specialists, if fruits cause acidity you should be meticulous enough and take at least 8-10 grams of half-cooked rice. It should be masticated properly in the early hours of the day before your breakfast and you should take water after doing so. By doing so, acidity caused by the fruits will be curbed in a month.

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