Some Useful Tips That Every Homemaker Should Know

The onus of your family’s health is on you so you need to meticulous enough to know what to purchase, what to cook and how to maintain the nutritive value of your food. Given here are some useful tips which will be of great help to you. Let us have a quick look.

What Type of Grains Should You Choose?

Basically, two types of grains are available in the market whole and refined. Whole grains are fiber and energy rich. On the other hand, refined grains lack essential vitamins and nutrition. So, as a homemaker you should prefer buying brown bread in place of white bread and brown rice in place of white rice, etc. As they are full of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates that keep your digestive track healthy. Besides this, you should also take sprouted gram which is full of fiber, vitamins and proteins.

Milk Should Be Toned And Fat-free

Toned milk is absolutely fat-free. Make sure that all the dairy products that you consume should be free from fat. Milk is a good source of Vitamin A, calcium, protein, magnesium, etc. Do not keep dairy products in the sun as by doing so you would destroy their Vitamin A, D and B2

Wash the Vegetables Before Chopping:

Needless to say, fresh fruits are more beneficial to your health. Do not purchase the fruits and vegetables from cold storages as it destroys 10 to 20% of their nutritive value. Avoid overcooking as it destroys the nutrition of your food. Whole fruits and vegetables are always better than their juices. Always wash the green and vegetables before chopping them because the vitamins contained in the leafy vegetables are water soluble and are likely to get washed away. To keep the nutrition intact while cooking always cover the cooking pot with a lid.

Use Mustard Oil or Olive Oil Instead of Refind to Cook:

Avoid using refined oils and use the natural mustard or olive oil to cook. Also, once you have deep fried, make it a point to throw the remaining oil. Using the remaining oil may prove to be extremely harmful to your health. As once the oil is heated to a high temperature, it takes the form of acrylamide.

A Few Other Useful Pointers:

  • Avoid purchasing packed foods as they are loaded with preservatives and have a very high sodium content.
  • In the refrigerator store your food items at 4 degree centigrade and frozen foods at 18 degree centigrade.
  • Avoid purchasing the shampoos and soaps that give you a rich lather.
  • Hand Sanitizers contain chemicals in a high amount that can cause thyroid problems so make sure to purchase the hand-sanitizer made up of natural ingredients like tea-tree oil and aloe-vera.
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