Why Do You Feel Tired All Through the Day? How it Can Be Curbed?

Even if you sleep for 7-10 hours at night, you still feel tired and lethargic all through the day. Do you wonder why? Though lack of sleep can one of the reasons why you feel drowsy through the day. Excessive tiredness can be a medical issue and if you feel exhausted without working much you should find the reason behind so that it can be curbed.


Women are more susceptible to anemia. During their reproductive years they constantly lose blood from their bodies and can be one of the reasons for their fatigue. Go for a blood test, if anemia is the cause of your tiredness, start taking iron supplements and incorporate more of spinach, broccoli, pomegranate and iron-rich food in your diet.

A Slow Thyroid:

The other reason of your being sluggish can be your underactive thyroid. The medical condition of underactive thyroid is known as hypothyroidism. There are so many people who suffer from this condition and therefore synthetic hormones are prescribed for them so that they can retain their active life.

UTI or Un-diagnosed Urinary Tract Infection:

UTI can be a cause of fatigue. UTI is caused by the bacteria that is present in the urinary tract which prosper due to unhealthy personal hygiene, not cleaning your genitals after sexual intercourse. A simple urine test is done to check UTI and if you are diagnosed with this disease, you will be given oral medication. If you have been taking medications for a week, you will start feeling better. 

Over Consumption of Caffeine:

Generally speaking, caffeine is a stimulant, but if you take to much of it, you will experience fatigue. If you want to get rid of a day-long fatigue, then you need to cut down on your coffee consumption. You should try to replace coffee with green tea or other healthier alternative if you want to be fit and active.

Intolerance to Food:

If you have food intolerance you will feel tired. If you keep on eating that kind of food you will feel tired. Fatigue is just a symptom of food intolerance. So, if you do not want to be lethargic you need to cut down on those foods from your diet.

Sleep Apnea:

Sleep apnea means difficulty in breathing while you are asleep. If your breathing is hampered when you are asleep, then you are suffering from this medical condition. This disorder can also be the reason of your tiredness. You need to consult your doctor and check your obesity for bringing back the active life.

Fatigue can also be the manifestation of undiagonsed heart disease. So, it is better to consult a doctor to find the reason behind your day-long fatigue so that you can step towards the right direction.

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