Multiple Health Benefits of Margosa (Neem): A Quick Look

Commonly grown in India, the margosa (neem) tree is the native of South Asia. It is a known fact that the leaves of this tree have medicinal properties. These leaves are no lesser than a boon for diabetics, excellent for skin and hair care, are a natural antibiotic, good for your heart and have several other health benefits. Dried margosa leaves are sold in the health stores, but it is always wise to pluck the fresh ones to get the optimum benefits. Let us have a quick look at the amazing health benefits of Margosa.

For Diatetes:

Soak some freshly plucked margosa leaves in water overnight and drink the water early in the morning (empty stomach). Your insulin level will be controlled in a couple of months.

Controlling Dandruff and Hair Loss:

Hair scalp conditions like dandruff can be checked by the regular usage of these leaves. Also, if you are suffering from hair loss, try using these leaves. If your nails are brittle and have turned yellow due to fungal infection, make the paste of margosa leaves and mix a few drops of rose water in it. Apply the paste over your nails and hair roots. Rinse off after some time.

Healthy Teeth And Gums:

Mouthwash made up of Neem leaves is a great treatment for tooth decay, bleeding, infections and gum problems. Mouthwash made up of neem leaves can cure mouth ulcers and it is great for a complete oral care. Stem of margosa is chewed for obtaining healthy and cleaner teeth.

Controls High Cholesterol Levels:

If you are a heart patient, make it a habit to chew freshly plucked neem leaves or drink the essence of it. Studies have proved that, neem reduces the blood cholesterol levels and great for treating several heart diseases.


Make a mixture of 10-15 dry neem leaves and 5 gram of Pippali (long pepper) with honey. Apply this mixture over the tongue of the children suffering from stomach aches or any other stomach issues for a quick relief.

Treat Piles:

Grind 4-5 Margosa seeds and mix warm water in the powder. The solution taken for a week in empty stomach checks the bleeding in case of piles.

Builds Up Immunity:

Chew at least ten margosa leaves in the early morning for one month to protect your body from several diseases and skin problems. It enhances your immunity levels.

A proper Uterus Care:

30 ml of neem leaf juice can be taken in the early morning for getting back the proper functioning and arrangement of uterus after delivery.

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