Why Do You Feel Tired And Worn Out?

People think that only the poor can suffer from malnutrition. This is just a misconception. However, affluent you may be, If your diet lacks essential nutrients then you can fall victim to malnutrition. As per a renowned gynecologist, “In their bid to have a glass-figure, most of the girls prefer to be on a strict diet. A few of them prefer eating junk or fast food as the result of which they do not get the essential nutrients and feel tired, worn out and exhausted. Given here are a few symptoms which make you feel that your diet lacks essential nutrients.


The first and the foremost symptoms of malnutrition is tiredness. You feel drained out and feel exhausted easily. Do you wonder why this happens? This is so because your body lacks one or the other essential nutrients. You get easily tired without working much.

Low Blood Pressure:

Women who lack essential nutrients in their diet suffer from low blood pressure. If their diet lacks carbohydrates or fats then their blood will have a low blood glucose level and they are likely to suffer from low blood pressure.

You Have Constant Headaches:

Apparently, if you suffer from a low blood pressure level your body will lose its balance and you would either have fits or suffer from constant headaches. So, be careful if you have a constant pain in the head as it clearly manifests that your body needs a proper diet.


Indian women often complain about low hemoglobin content. The apparent reason behind it is a lack of iron in their diet. They loose blood during the course of their normal menstrual cycles and during the childbirth. Hence, they need more iron than their male counterparts.


When you do not have a balanced diet containing all the essential nutrients, you are likely to get irritated. So, whenever you have mood swings, make sure to incorporate essential nutrients in your diet.

Hair Fall:

When you are well nourished your skin glows with health and you tend to have strong hair. But, when you are malnourished, your hair are likely to fall. So, if hair fall is your problem make sure to incorporate right set of vitamins and minerals in your diet.

Irregular Menstrual Cycles:

When women do not get an adequate amount of iron and calcium in their diet, they are likely to suffer from irregular periods. When you are not nourished, your body tends to store essential nutrients and therefore your periods either stops or become irregular.

You Begin to Lose or Gain Weight:

Do not think that malnutrition only means lack of vitamins and minerals in your diet. If your diet lacks carbohydrates and fats in the right amount, you will begin to lose weight and if it lacks the right amount of proteins, it will gain weight.

Decreased Immunity Levels:

If you easily fall prey to a number of diseases, then you will have a decreased immunity level. Our body needs a proper set of vitamins and minerals to combat with a number of diseases. If you have a declined immunity level or healing of your wounds is taking more time than the normal, it indicates that you are malnourished. If your wounds do not heal quickly, then it simply indicates that you have a reduced blood platelet level and you need to incorporate folate in your diet.

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