How to Have a Sound And Adequate Sleep at Night?

Lack of concentration, lethargy, general weakness and lack of motivation are some of the symptoms of insomnia. If you are a patient of insomnia and feel lethargic all through the day, given here are certain tips using which you can improve your sleep, feel energized, will able to focus and feel better.

Determine Your Sleep Issues:

As a first step, you should determine your sleep issues. Do you have trouble in falling asleep? Do you wake up at midnights and this happens frequently with you? Do you remain stressed? How much alcohol or caffeine you consume? Consult the doctor to find out the kind of sleep issue you have.

Complimentary Therapies Help:

It is always better to visit a naturopath instead of gulping down sleep pills that may have side effects. There are natural treatments like melatonin that helps your muscles relax and gives you a better sleep. Also, take a shower before going to sleep, wash your feet properly, change the bed sheet and keep the fragrance-rich flowers around. Well! Indulging in sex just before going to bed is also a sleep inducer.

Meditate Before Going to Bed:

If you really want to have a sound sleep at night, there is nothing like meditating. This will rejuvenate your bodies and you will be able to sleep better. Mediation is a great stress-buster. Practice PraiseMoves and mediation, before you go to bed and your tension will vanish automatically giving you a sound sleep.

Replace the LED Lights of Your Bedroom:

Your messy bedroom can be one of the reasons of your sleeplessness. If you have loads of technology and flashing lights in your bedroom, you would not be able to sleep properly. Install LED lights in your bedroom. This will help in increasing serotonin production, which in turn inhibits melatonin hormone (a hormone responsible for sleep). So, do away with these lights from your bedrooms. Keep your bedroom calm,and clean. Always remember that it is not your workstation.

Restrict the Intake of Caffeine and Alcohol:

To have a better night’s sleep, you will have to monitor your diet. Take a lot of fiber-rich food and a fiber rich diet. Strictly avoid having caffeine, alcohol or nicotine prior to sleep. These substances have an adverse impact on your brain and keep you awake. Take a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. Take a glassful of milk before going to sleep. Lose weight and cut down on stress.

Make a Sleep Routine and Stick to It:

A sleep routine is essential to maintain a sound sleep at night. You can take a warm bath before sleep, can do gentle stretches, can take a beverage (not caffeine) or can take a night stroll. Avoid sleeping more than an hour during the daytime, switch off your television sets, mobile phones and laptops. Most importantly, meditate for 15-20 minutes and forget all your stresses and tensions.

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