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The process of aging haunt every woman alike. However, the trepidation of sagging and wrinkled skin can be done away with if they take a special care. It is true enough that nobody can stop the natural process of aging, but if you follow the treatment program religiously, you are sure to get great results and can get the process deferred to appear young for a long time. Here are the natural remedies to keep wrinkles at bay and some of the best wrinkle treatments that really work!

Cleanse Your Skin Everyday:

As a prelude, you need to clean your skin. Anti-wrinkle treatments can be applied only on impeccably clean skin. Take care to use only herbal based face wash (non-drying). Also, make it a point to clean your skin with a good cleansing milk everyday before you go to bed. Rose water is a natural and absolutely harmless cleanser. 

Exfoliation Is Necessary: 

Exfoliating your skin at least twice every week is an indispensable part of the anti-wrinkle treatment program. The procedure makes sure that all the dead cells of your skin and harmful microbes underlying beneath the epidermis are eliminated. This also helps in skin rejuvenation. Though commercial face masks are available in the market, but with the help of a few readily available natural products, you can prepare them at home. Exfoliating mask made up of sugar and coffee is very popular. While preparing a face mask at home do not forget to use nourishing and moisturing ingredients like honey. 

Regular Moisturizing: 

As you grow in age, your skin needs more hydration. If you keep your skin hydrated all the time, it will be blessed with more production of elastin and collagen. Apart from this, over and all appearance of your skin will be enhanced. Applying moisturizer after every face wash, is a good idea. Keep your skin hydrated with the massage of olive or coconut oil. Also, make it a point to drink at least 8-10 glasses of water every day. 

Kiss the Ceiling Exercise Helps in Firming Your Skin: 

Wrinkles are caused due to sagging of your skin. In order to keep your skin firm, you need to apply natural astringent like lemon juice which will also give you a fair skin tone. Besides, you should indulge in exercises like kiss the ceiling wherein you should raise your face such that you are trying to kiss the ceiling. This is the best wrinkle treatment that would reduce fine lines around your mouth and eyes. This exercise is also good for getting rid of double chin. 

Last but nevertheless the least, you should try nourish your skin and take a healthy diet. A diet rich in antioxidants (gooseberries, tomatoes, lemon, citrus fruits)  is a must have for women with growing age. Prevent exposure to harmful ultra-violet radiation by applying sunscreen lotion with SPF 25 or higher. As they say,prevention is better than cure. So, take preventive measures and reveal a radiant skin sans wrinkles. 

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