Ten Super Foods That Keep Aging Process At Bay

So, you have toiled hard to keep those wrinkles and sagging skin under wraps but failed? Try tweaking your eating habits and you will feel the difference! Enumerated here are five super-foods that will keep your aging process at bay. Now, to bring the aging process to a standstill, you need not go under the knife and can cut down on your heavy expenses. Try these super foods and maintain a charismatic youthful appearance on your faces for a long time. 

Whole Grains: 

Replace the routine white bread that you take in your breakfast with brown bread and white polished rice with brown rice. Munching snacks made up of whole grains will strengthen your skin cells and keep the aging process at bay. This also helps in curbing obesity to a great extent. Incorporate porridge, corn flakes, oatmeal, etc. in your diet. 

Olive Oil: 

Make sure to cook your food in olive oil, once you reach the age of 45. Olive oil is an excellent source of Vitamin A and E which helps in the repair of skin cells. Consumption of olive oil on a daily basis helps you to get rid of dead skin cells and hence keep the aging process at bay. That apart, polyphenol and monosaturated fat contained in olive oil check diabetes and heart diseases. 


To keep your skin hydrated and to prevent any harm done to your skin by pollution and sun, you should take curd along with daily meals. Curd is a rich source of lactic acid. Its daily consumption removes dead cells and open the skin pores so that your skin can breathe well. 


Fishes contain omega-3 fatty acids and therefore it maintains the glow of your face for a long time. Its daily consumption strengthens your hair and keep your skin soft. 

Dark Chocolate: 

This is a superfood as it contains antioxidants apart from polyphenols like kitchen and apply-catechine. This favorite super food of many, keeps the aging process deferred by widening the blood arteries, capillaries and veins which result in a better blood circulation. 


Almonds contain antioxidants, phytochemicals, anti-oxidants, vitamin, minerals and omega-3 fatty acids, etc. To bring the aging process to a halt, almonds should be in your diet list. Consuming almonds in the early hours of the day before sunset helps in strengthening your memory. 


Tomatoes owe their red color to lycopene. This is a natural sunscreen that protects your skin from the dangerous ultra-violet rays of the sun and retain the moisture of your skin which in turn helps in hampering the aging process. 


Commonly seen in the vegetable stores, broccoli is a magical food that can bring an end to the fast aging process. It is extremely rich in Vitamin C and folate that prevent cancer and heart diseases. Sulphur contained in broccoli, checks the damage done by free radicals in our skin and hence the growing age is obstructed. 


This is anti-bacterial and anti-viral. It is due to this reason that people who consume blueberries are less susceptible to infection. Apart from hindering the ageing process, it eliminates acne and warts also. 


A polyphenol contained in grapes inactivates the genes that are responsible for the aging process. Not only this, daily consumption of grapes, enhances the activity of mitochondria that provides energy to our body cells. 

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