Five Food You Should Strictly Avoid During Pregnancy

Every woman needs to be extra-cautious during the crucial nine-month of pregnancy. There are several queries that creep into the minds of all the expecting mothers. Like: what should be the right pregnancy diet? What type of physical activity or exercises are safer and is it harmful to have sex during this period? For the help of all expecting mothers, I am enumerating five foods that should be strictly avoided during pregnancy. 

Raw and Uncooked Sprouts: 

Discard the use of raw sprouts. This is immensely harmful to the health of fetus as there are chances of microbes getting into the seeds and thriving there. Washing them away is next to impossible. So, if you have made up your mind to consume sprouts for the health reasons, cook them thoroughly. This will destroy the microbes that may have grown into it. 

Soft Chesses: 

There is no harm in enjoying pasta and pizza once in a blue moon. But, make sure that you pass up the mouth-watering cheese dip. These are made up of unpasteurized milk, and extremely harmful Listeria bacteria may grow in it. No wonder, it can prove to be life-threatening to you and your baby. So, do not go for blue cheese, feta or queso fresco unless you are very sure that they are pasteurized. Look for the pasteurized label. 

Undercooked Meat: 

While dining out with your beloved stay away from undercooked or raw meat as it harbors innumerable harmful microbes including toxoplasma. Even if you are cooking meat at home, make sure to cook it till it reaches the temperature of 145 degree F for the whole cuts and at least 165 degree F for chicken breasts. 

Fresh-Squeezed Fruit or Vegetable Juices: 

Resist yourself from buying freshly squeezed juice from bars and restaurants. These juices are not pasteurized and may contain E.coli and salmonella. If you are buying refrigerated juice, then make sure that it is labeled pasteurized. Fruits juices sold in bottles and tetra packs are safe for usage. 

Sushi and Sayonara: 

All the sushi lovers should resist themselves and take a nine-month hiatus from this tempting delicacy. Though, this seafood is an excellent source of protein, but when they are raw they contain dangerous parasites that can put the health of your baby at stake. Stay away from this seafood unless it is thoroughly cooked. 

Best food to eat during pregnancy should contain protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals in a balanced amount and SHOULD BE COOKED PROPERLY. 

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