How Can You Grow Tall After Reaching Puberty?

Taller looks give a boost to your overall persona. There are millions of youngsters who wonder if they can still grow tall after reaching puberty. Well! If you are one amongst them, then you need not wonder as you stop growing taller once you reach puberty is a myth. Some people say that only genes are responsible for the height you acquire while others believe that due to the fusion of your growth plates at puberty, you do not grow further. However, the good news is that you can grow at least 4-5 inches or slightly more with the help of right diet, exercises, yoga and drugs. Have a look to find how: 

Why You Normally Stop Growing Taller After Puberty? 

When you were born, your body was made up of cartilage mainly which can be easily stretched. With the passage of time, the cartilages of your body become inflexible as they turn into bone. On reaching the puberty, the ends of your long bone which were once cartilages turn into bones and fuse hence the growth plates are closed. 

Why You Can Still Anticipate to Grow? 

Your Spinal column (backbone) is made up of cartilage and therefore it can be stretched easily to enhance your height if you perform stretching exercises that help your spine grow in length. Not only this, cartilage is found between the joints of your arms and legs and hence these can also be extended to a certain extent with the help of apt exercises. 

How Stretching Exercises Help? 

As discussed earlier, stretching exercises help in the growth of the ligament of your spine, legs and arms. To get the optimum benefit of stretching exercises, you should perform them in the early morning hours and just before you go to bed. Try to flex and strengthen your body as much as you can. Skipping, jumping and swimming are a few physical activities that can make you grow taller. 

Which Drug is Helpful? 

One of the commonly used drug to enhance height is HGH or Human Growth Hormone. The drug makes enhances the chances of growth, but this should be used as the last resort as there may be harmful side effects of this drug. 

Yoga Creates Flexibility (How to Perform Sukhasana?)

Yoga is a wonderful way to increase height as it makes your body flexible. The Yoga exercise that increases your height is Sukhasana. To perform this exercise you should sit on the floor and cross your legs. Place both your hands on your knees. Now try to thrust your buttocks down and simultaneously lower your knees slowly. Take at least 5 deep breaths when you raise your arms over your head and exhale slowly when you lower down your arms. This exercise is to be repeated 4-7 times to get the maximum benefit. 

What Diet You Should Take? 

For growing taller quickly, you should supplement your exercise with a proper diet. A diet rich in calcium and proteins is very helpful. Try incorporating tofu, soya beans, milk, pulses and cheese, etc. in your daily meals. 

To wrap up, need not get disheartened by your short stature as there is still a silver lining. Perform Yoga, Indulge in stretching exercises, Maintain the upright posture and take a diet rich in proteins & calcium. 

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