Some Effective Home Remedies to the Common Beauty Issues


  • Mix a few drops of lemon juice or camphor (kapoor) in coconut oil (lukewarm) and massage the affected areas with this mixture. Leave overnight and rinse your hair thoroughly in the morning to get relieved in a fortnight.
  • In a bowlful of curd, mix a teaspoon of salt and apply this mixture on your head. Leave for 45 minutes and then use a medicated shampoo to wash your hair.

Hair Fall:

Hair Turning White:

  • Boil the tea leaves and stain the water. Mix the powder of gooseberry and heena and make a thick paste using the stained water. Apply this paste at your hair tips. Rinse after an hour. Do this on a regular basis to get a sure-shot respite.
  • Applying curd is the best way to maintain your hair black for a long time. You can also use buttermilk in place of curd.

Dark Circle Around Eyes:

  • Keep thin slices of raw potatoes or cucumber on your eyelids. This will not only provide a relief to the tired and weary eyes, but removes the dark circles around the eyes also.
  • Keep a cotton swab dipped in the mixture of rosewater and milk over your eyelids for a quicker relief from dark circles around your eyes.
  • Essence of Esperanato (triphala) is very helpful. Use this to wash your eyes on a daily basis to get rid of dark circles.
  • Incorporate carrots and green leafy vegetables in your diet and sleep not lesser than eight hours a day.

Dry, Dark and Lifeless Skin:

If you have lifeless, dry and scaly skin, then face-packs are musts. Some face packs can be easily prepared at home.

  • To obtain a fair tone, make the paste of gram flour, turmeric powder, milk and two teaspoons of mustard oil.
  • If you have dry skin, then do not forget to mix full-milk cream in your face pack.
  • Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water to maintain the luster of your skin.
  • Use cold water for bathing as it improves the blood circulation and keep your skin fresh & glowing.
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