This is How Your Skin Will Glow With Health…..

Dry winds of the winter season rob the beauty of your skin, but taking a little care will maintain the glow of your skin in this harsh season. Moisturizing your skin from time to time does not let your skin turn dry. One essential thing that you need to remember to prevent dry and scaly skin is to drink ample amounts of water. Beauty experts believe that consuming more water keeps the skin hydrated and you should not be using the beauty products that contain alcohol because it reduces the natural moisturizer found in our skin. 

Do Not Bathe Yourself With Very Water: 

Try not to use very warm water because it takes away the essential oils from your body and your skin becomes dry& lifeless. So, always use lukewarm water. 

Incorporate More Fresh Fruits And Vegetables in Diet: 

Incorporate more fresh vegetables and fruits in your diet as this will maintain the glow of your face in the winter season too. Proteins, Vitamin A, Vitamin B12 and Vitamin B2 are essential for healthy skin. Apart from this, consuming more of Vitamin C and dairy products does a lot of good to your skin. 

For Dry Skin: 

This skin-type needs oil-based creams. Take a shower from lukewarm water and moisturize your skin immediately after doing so. You need to keep yourself hydrated from time to time.

For Oily Skin: 

Oily skin is the most problematic skin type as it is more susceptible to acne and warts so it needs an extra care. Wash your skin at least twice a day. Make use of skin toner to prevent excessive oil secretion. 

For Normal Skin: 

This skin type needs moisturizing in the t-zone area. This skin type becomes drier in winter and oiler in summer season. 

For Sensitive Skin: 

This type of skin can be normal, oily or dry and it is vulnerable to allergic reactions. Extreme weather conditions can lead to warts, acne or inflammation of the skin. 

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