Popular Myths About Weight Loss Busted and Truth Revealed

Do not get swayed by the marketing gimmicks and start taking weight loss supplements for reducing weight. If you are looking for the ways to stay fit, healthy and active, you need to wipe out the false notions that you have about effective weight loss. Eating a well-balanced diet is far better than starving yourself and hours spend in the gyms would not work if you fail to plan your diet. Let us know the truths behind healthy weight loss.

Myths: A fast metabolism is essential for effective weight reduction

Truth: When you start gaining weight, your resting metabolic rate shoots up. You need to eat according to your physical stature to sustain. If you are eating more than 4-5 short meals a day, your metabolic rate goes up but that does not always mean that you are burning calories.

Myth: “Fat-free products” are must haves for reducing weight

Truth: Do not get fooled by the “low-fat”, “diet-soda” or “fat-free” labels of the products. They do contain calories. Indeed, sometimes they are more harmful as they are likely to contain surplus calories because of the extra flavors and the sugar substitutes added to them. Actually, the products that have fat quantity marked on them are worth consuming. So, go for the less-fat labeled foods (say 3-4 grams/100 grams) rather than calorie-free.

Myth: Genes are to be blamed for obesity.

Truth: You can never be born with the kind of genes that can make you fat. If you are obese then you have to blame your erratic food habits and sedentary lifestyle.

Myth: Eat very less if you want quick weight loss.

Truth: Never starve yourself. Fad diets do not work because you are likely to give them up after a couple of weeks. Make a healthy food choice and supplement your diet plan with a set of good exercises. Stop taking surplus calories. It results in weight gain when you are body would not be able to process those additional calories.

Myth: Take only fresh vegetables as frozen vegetables have no nutrition.

Truth: You should plan for at least 5 portions of fruits and vegetables per day. Do not think that frozen foods do not have any nutrients. All the nutrients are locked and intact for a longer time in these frozen foods. Nutrients are lost only when you boil them so refrain from boiling them. So, do not boil them. Consume them raw if you can or steam them.

Myth: Breads and pastas are responsible for weight gain.

Truth: Though both of these have a very high in carbohydrates. Only over-eating of these foods makes you obese. But, try to use whole grain pasta and brown bread instead of white flour pasta

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