Yoga Asanas: A Boon in Disguise For Obese!

The power of Yoga in enhancing concentration of mind, combating body flaws and speeding up the healing process is irrefutable. But, all the obese people would be pleasantly amazed to discover the fact that they can get a slim and well-toned body by indulging in some Yoga exercises on a daily basis. Let us have a quick look at some of the effective Yoga exercises that helps in curbing obesity. 

Why is Yoga Preferred for Controlling Obesity? 

There are copious methods of losing weight. Some people go on a liquid diet while others sweat profusely in gyms for getting slimmer and some people are too desperate to lose weight that they go for a surgery. However, yoga is the most sought after and popular way to shed weight because you neither have to starve yourself nor have to sweat in gyms for hours. Henceforth, it is a safe and secure option to get in shape. By indulging in simple yoga asanas you can burn fat without stressing yourself. 

Which Asana is the Most Effective? 

You normally fall victim to obesity because of improper digestive system or slow metabolic rate. Indulging in yoga on a daily basis controls obesity because it keeps your digestive system healthy and boosts up your body metabolism. Out of several other asanas to fight obesity, pawanamuktasana is the most effective one. It keeps your digestive track healthy and eliminates the surplus fat deposits around your abdomen, buttocks and thighs. By performing pawanamuktasana daily, you feel energetic, full of stamina, lighter and healthy. 

Who Can Not Practice Pawanamuktasana? 

Although Pawanamuktasana is one of the most effective obesity treatment but there are certain people who must not try doing this asana. This must not be practiced by the ladies who have high B.P, heart ailment or other health issues like sciatica pain or slipped disc. 

Another Effective Yoga Asana To Curb Obesity

Surya Namaskar or saluting the sun is another effective yoga asana to control obesity. The asana involves Pranayam, meditation, asana and mantra. This yoga is very effective because it affects the nervous system and the endocrine system of our body which in turn increases the metabolic rate of our body and we tend to shed weight. 

Apparently good body metabolism, helps in maintaining the perfect weight. Breathing and stretching during yoga asana helps you lose weight slowly but progressively. So, if you want a long-term results and not some easy, quick-fixes in weight loss, then Yoga is the best solution for you. 

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