Some Useful Tips toght the Problem of Acidity Successfully

People of all ages are affected by the problem of acidity. Acidity occurs when our body begins to secrete hydrochloric acid in excessive amounts. Normally, our body secretes the acid to ease the process of digestion. But, when this acid begins to release in surplus amount, you feel the burning sensation in the stomach, which is often accompanied by pain as well.

Why Do You Suffer From Acidity?

Day-to-day stress and your erratic dietary patterns are responsible for acidity. If you are suffering from depression or overworked or work under constant pressure, you are likely to become a victim of acidity. Apart from that, if you eat junk, processed or preserved food, you are more likely to suffer. Colas, sodas, noodles, pastas, etc. are some of the food that cause acidity.

Sometimes expecting mothers also suffer from the problem of acidity. This is so because their enlarged uterus exerts thrust on the esophagus (food-pipe and stomach). Irregular meals also cause acidity.

How to Get Relieved?

Avoiding junk food and taking alkaline food can do the trick. If you want to get rid of this problem do away with the stress of your life and stay relaxed. Enumerated here are some of useful solutions that guide you to overcome this problem successfully.

  • Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Are Alkaline:

Incorporate fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet to maintain the chemical imbalance in your body. They have the healing properties. Bananas can counter the effect of acid in your stomach and eating bananas daily will help you to get relived from this problem.

  • Cloves are Helpful:

Patients of acidity should take a piece of cloves after their regular meals. This has proved to be effective in fighting the problem of acidity. Studies have proved that taking cloves regularly enhances the number of WBCs (White Blood Corpuscles) that fight body diseases and infections.

  • Workouts are Necessary:

You fall victim to several diseases, if you have a sedentary lifestyle and acidity is one of them. Your wrong eating habits, stress and lack of exercises wreak havoc on your health. So, apart from taking alkaline foods, you should exercise regularly to keep yourself fit.

  • Cold Milk and Coconut Water:

Milk and so many other dairy products that are low in fat should be taken to reduce acidity. Remember to take cold milk. Also take plenty of coconut water for a quick relief.

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