Overlooking The Problem of Thyroid Can Cost You Dear!

Females are 4 times more susceptible to the problem of thyroid than males. This problem should not be overlooked and treated on time. Thyroid is a small gland that controls our body metabolism, which means whatever we eat gets converted into energy with the help of this gland. That apart, it also affects heart, muscles, bones and controls the blood cholesterol.

When your thyroid gland does not function properly then you tend to suffer with innumerable problems and the most prominent among them is an abrupt increase in weight. Besides this, you may also face problems like constipation, swelling in face and body parts, loss of hair, irregular menstrual cycles and much more. Let us have a quick look at some the reasons and the cures.

Why Do You Suffer?

How to Prevent it?

A Word of Caution:

There are many people who believe that problem of the thyroid is related to obesity only. But thyroid can be the major cause of your inability to conceive. So, be careful and get your thyroid checked from time to time. Incorporate more of iodine and selenium in your diet and live a physically active life to keep the disease at bay.

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