Home Remedies That Really Work to Cure Hair-loss Problems

Hair loss is a common phenomenon, especially when you begin to age. If your hair are coming out in clumps whenever you comb them, it is high time that you should start taking their proper care. Experts are of the opinion that an average person loses about 100 hairs each day. All those who have lost more than these should follow the below given natural home remedies that really work.

Therapeutic Massage Helps:

Since ages people have been using hair massage to cure the problem of baldness. Hair massage helps because it cures the problem of baldness. When a direct pressure is applied to the scalp, blood flow to the hair follicle increases and it will receive more nutrients than it actually needs to grow. Hair massages should be done manually with the help of fingertips. However, electric massage units available at health stores can also be used.

Hot Oil Treatments:

Those who suffer from the problem of hair loss will be benefitted from the hot oil treatment therapy. Any minor scalp disorder can be cured with the help of hair massage. Get hold of essential oils like lavender, olive and sesame etc and give you hair a minimum of 3 treatments per week. Hot oil treatment relaxes your nerves and

Try Natural Aloe-Vera:

If you have fresh aloe-vera grown in your backyard, pluck some of the succulent leaves and extract the fresh pulp out of them. Apply this pulp directly to your hair scalp to hydrate it. This is an effective treatment.

Use a Blend of Cinnamon and Honey:

To make your hair-scalp stronger, mix cinnamon with honey and organic olive oil and apply this blend directly to hair-scalp. This will make them stronger and it works best before you wash your hair with your favorite shampoo and conditioner.

Use Extracts of Ginger:

There is another effective hair loss home remedy. All you need to do is to slice a piece of ginger and place it over the area that is affected by hair-loss. If you want better and quicker results you can use this blend with cinnamon powder.

Other Quick Ways to Fix the Problem of Hair Loss:

  • Soak the mustard seeds overnight, grind them to paste and apply the paste over your hair scalp. Rinse thoroughly.
  • Apply the fresh yoghurt on your hair-scalp and rinse thoroughly after some time.
  • Mix the powder of gooseberry with egg-white and apply it thoroughly over your hair scalp. Egg-white is protein and strengthens your hair scalp.
  • Apply the onion juice to the scalp and leave it for a couple of minutes.

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