5 Foods That Destroy Your Teeth

Since our childhood we are directed not to eat too much of candies and chocolates by the elderly. But as we grow up we tend to become negligent to our teeth, which results in cavities, gum problems, foul breath and a lot more. Given here are some foods that you should strictly do away with to prevent tooth decay.

Candies and Sweets

Remember the old days when your moms used to snatch candies from your hands. Now, that she is no more looking after this habit of yours, it does not mean that you should eat more of sticky types of candies to satisfy your sugar cravings. Caramels and gummy bears are a strict no. The reasons for this is apparent. The longer time they stick to your teeth, the more your teeth will be damaged. But, if you have a sweet tooth, you can have chocolates at times because the sugar here is mixed with fat that does not stick to your teeth.

Food Containing High Starch:

Stay away from potatoes, breads and rice. These starchy foods are disastrous to your teeth. Small pieces of these materials tend to stick in between your teeth as the result of which bacteria thrive there as they love feeding on carbohydrates. If you have fed yourself with burgers, sandwiches or rice, make sure to swirl some water that can loosen the food pieces stuck between your teeth.

Carbonated Drinks:

Apparently, these drinks ruin your teeth because they contain a very high percentage of sugar. The acid content of these drinks destroys your tooth enamel. But, always remember that sodas alone are not responsible for wreaking havoc on your teeth, fruit drinks and energy drinks also have high sugar content that makes them unsuitable for your teeth.


Alcohol drinking should be prevented for the health of your teeth because alcohol dries your mouth and prevents the saliva from keeping the surface inside your mouth clean. Some medicines also have a drying effect. If you drink alcohol make sure to drink a large amount of water as well.

Lemons and Other Acidic Fruits:

Lemons are neither sticky nor sugary but even then they destroy your teeth because they have a high acid content. They can erode your teeth enamel. So, if you love to have lemons or taking it for the health reasons, make sure to dilute it with enough water so that it cannot harm your teeth.

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