Some Healthy Foods That Can Destroy Your Teeth

Everybody knows that sweets and chocolates are bad for teeth, but do you know that there are certain healthy foods too that can fruin your teeth? Incredible though it may sound, but yes, it is true that consuming certain healthy foods can prove to be dangerous to your teeth. Let us have a quick look at such healthy foods which are actually unhealthy for your teeth.

Packed Fruit Juices:

Tooth decaying bacteria thrive wherever they get sugars. Since the packed juices contain high content of sugar, bacteria and other microbes love to gobble it and therefore multiply. In addition to this, fruit juices also contain acid, which can erode the enamel of your teeth. You should strictly avoid consuming packed fruit juices as they have concentrated sugars. Having these drinks is as bad as having a teaspoon of refined sugar.

If you cannot do without them, then you should swish your mouth thoroughly after consuming them. Also, brush your teeth properly to neutralize the effect of acid contained in it.

Dried Fruits:

Dried fruits like raisins and sultanas have cancer fighting properties. This is a fact. But, these two healthy fruits must be avoided for the sake of healthy teeth. Once the fruits are dehydrated the sugar level in them rises tremendously. Not only this, dried fruits are sticky and can be easily caught between the teeth gaps and prove to be a great feast for bacteria.

Potatoes And Rice:

Not only potatoes and rice, but all the other foods that are rich in starch can serve  to be a great diet for the bacteria and other tooth-decaying microbes. These foods turn into a gluey paste and just cling to your teeth. These can be easily broken by the bacteria in comparison to the foods like brown rice and whole wheat bread. So, it’s better to avoid all the foods that contain a starch content.

Yogurt and Curd:

Yogurt can erode your tooth enamel as it is acidic. It also has added sugar where the bacteria can thrive.

In short, it is better to understand that all foods that contain sugar, starch or carbohydrates can be dangerous to your teeth. Not only this, acidic foods like citrus fruits and vinegar should also be avoided.

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