Seven Benefits of Having Sex That You Do Not Know

There are so many guys out there that consider sex as the best part of their relationship with the fair sex. But, apart from being just a pleasurable activity, it has several health benefits too. A large-scale research into the sexual lives of people has proved the fact that this activity is a great stress-buster. Couples who indulge in this activity are lesser hostile and maintain their psychological balance. Let us explore some more advantages of thisultra-pleasurable activity.

You Will Longer and Healthier:

A more recent study has shown that those who have sex regularly and frequently live longer and are healthier than those who remain deprived of it. It has also been proved that having frequent sex cuts down the risk of heart attacks. Frequent orgasms are helpful in fighting infections of your body and frequent ejaculations reduce the chances of prostate cancer in the males aged between 20-50 years.

A Great Way to Exercise:

It is indeed the most likeable way to exercise. It is a wonderful way to cut down the extra calories. So, try having sex frequently and regularly instead of following a strict diet plan and spending hours in the gym.

Alleviates Pain:

Sex is known to be effective in alleviating pains like headaches. All those who suffer from menstrual cramps, migraine or arthritis should try indulging in sex more often than they usually do.

Gives You Mental Relaxation:

The oxytocin released during the activity is a natural relaxant and induces sleep. Therefore, after having sex your body feels more relaxed and calmer.

Enhances Your Alertness And Improves Your Learning Power:

Sex enhances your learning abilities. When you have sex more regularly, you tend to learn faster and quicker. It helps your brain cells to thrive more in the hippocampus, which is an area responsible for faster learning and better memory.

Controls Your Bathroom Urge:

Sex exercises help in strengthening pelvic muscles which in turn support the uterus and urinary bladder resulting in a controlled bathroom urge.

Control The Aging Process:

Do you know that sex is responsible for slowing down the process of aging? When you have more of it, you will be able to produce more testosterone. This hormone keeps your bones healthy and gives you a younger look.

Apart from this, there are other benefits of indulging in sexual intercourse. For instance, it reduces blood pressure, checks anxiety and boosts up your overall confidence levels.

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