What to Eat to Build A Great Body Successfully?

Putting on muscle is as difficult as losing weight and who says that women are not interested in bodybuilding. Most of the commoners plan their diet with the goal of losing weight. However, if you want to compete in figure or any body building contest, you need to focus on a different diet pattern. The kind of diet that does not make you fat, but increases your lean muscles. So, if you are extremely conscious about your figure correction, you need to consume just the right amount of calories (neither less nor more). Take the right amount of micronutrients that can supplement your extensive training program. Do not commit the blunder of taking a diet supplement that claim of building body mass, or burn calories in a short time. If you want to build muscles effectively and want, a long term gain, try this sample bodybuilding diet for women and get benefited.

Some Fat Burining/Muscle Building Sample Diets

Meal 1: (At 7-8 am)

     3 egg whites and one yolk part along with turkey breast.

 Freshly squeezed juice of strawberries or grapefruits (You can consider having the whole fruit. This will keep your digestive track healthy by providing you roughage in the right amount)

Meal 2: (At 12-1 pm)

· Pulses (prefer the unpolished ones) and whole grain bread.

· Unpolished rice ( a bowlful)

· Lot of green salad (lettuce leaves, carrots, cucumbers, green pepper, tomatoes, spinach). Use vinegar for dressing your salad

· Tuna Fish

· Egg whites (4)

· Coconut chutney

Meal 3: (At 3-4 pm)

This should be the lightest, but one of the most important parts of the sample bodybuilding diet for women. So, do not do away with this meal.

· Vegetable soup (add lemon and cheese balls to give it a tasty flavor.

· A bowlful of nuts (almonds, cashew nuts, groundnuts resins etc. )

Meal 4: (At 5 pm)

This is a supper time and all those who are looking for the right sample bodybuilding diet for women must not skip this.

· Green tea.

· Spinach omelette with two slices of brown bread

· A Bowlful of sprouty grams or pulses

Meal 5: (At 8 pm):

 The dinner should be taken at least 2-3 hours before you go to the bed. This will help in boosting up your metabolic rate and will give you a great body in turn.

· Lean meat (chicken or turkey breast

· Cod Fish

· One cup full of protein rich soya beans

· One cup of vegetables (asparagus, cauliflower, green beans or broccoli)

· One bowlful of unpolished rice with chicken or egg curry.

In Short:

All those women who crave for getting a great figure, do not want to look skinny and want to retain their feminine beauty should stick to the above mentioned sample bodybuilding diet for women. Always remember, it takes a lot of motivation to get in the real shape. It has been truly said that the type of shape you have is the result of 70% diet and 30% exercise. So, if you really want to look great, flaunt your body shape and be confident, you need to work towards it. By following the above given diet pattern you will be able to achieve your body building goal.

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