Say Goodbye to Joint Aches With These Vitamins

Do you often have pain in joints? Do you feel like punching your legs with force to get relieved from their pain? If yes, then you are suffering from a health condition called gout. The disease is caused because of the excessive deposition of uric acid in your body which leads to the inflammation of your body’s joints. The disease occurs when the kidneys fail to process the excessive amounts of uric acid entering into your bodies. Over the years, when your body becomes saturated with the deposition, your joints begin to ache.

What Are the Causes of Gout?

The kind of diet you take is responsible for this physical condition. There are some foods that contain purines in high amounts. These types of foods are pretty dangerous. Foods like red meat, fish and any seafood cause gout. So, the non-veggies are more vulnerable.

What is the Remedy?

Vitamin C of Cherries:

Well! Some specific food cause gout and some other specific set of food cure it. Victims of gout get relieved by taking Vitamin C. Wild and black cherries are the best remedy as these contain Vitamin C in the oxidized form that can cure the gout successfully.  No fruit other than cherries contain Vitamin C in its oxidized form and those who consume these on a regular basis have obtained wonderful results.

Folic Acid Prevents the Disease:

There is another helpful vitamin that aid the gout victims. Gout sufferers must incorporate Folic Acid in their diet. When with this Vitamin B other Vitamins are also taken, then you would get wonderful results. Take folic acid along with Vitamin C then your body is protected against uric acid deposition, even if you take purine rich diet like seafood or meat. Milk, grains and cereals contain folic acid in high amounts.

Vitamin A & E are Powerful Antioxidants:

If you have switched to a low purine diet, then start taking Vitamin A and E as well. Incorporate more of carrots, green leafy vegetable, cod liver oil into your diet. Selenium is a boon to the gout sufferers. It is extremely rich in antioxidants and should be taken along with Vitamin A and E.

So, remember the acronym ABCES to fight the pain in your joints successfully!

Avoid these:

  • Processed and refined foods rich in sugar and artificial flavors.
  • Frying of foods and direct heat cooking.
  • Vegetables and fruits grown with pesticides.
  • Fruits ripened forcefully from unconventional methods.
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