Cloves: A Super Spice Having Multiple Health Benefits!

There would be no exaggeration to refer clove as a super spice. The spice has so many restorative and healing properties that its health benefits can be ranked at the top of the list. Let us have a quick look at the multiple benefits of this wonderful spice which is commonly found in every kitchen.

Protects Your Body from Several Diseases:

Among other spices, cloves have the highest amount of anti-oxidants. So, this super spice protects you from several diseases like arthritis, diabetes, cancer and heart ailments. Not only this, it has anti-inflammatory properties and hence it is helpful in curing the problem of acidity.

Cloves Have Natural Anti-inflammatory Ingredients:

A high amount of flavonoids contained in cloves is helpful for the patients of arthritis. The patients of arthritis should rub the clove oil regularly on the affected areas twice or thrice a day to get rid of pain. Not only this, the clove oil is inhaled by the patients of asthma and bronchitis to get relief.

Cure Toothaches, Gum Pains and Sore Throat:

Eugenol found in the cloves is a natural anesthetic. It cures sore throats, gum pains and toothaches. Clove oil is used in mouthwashes because of its antiseptic and germicidal properties. For immediate relief from toothaches, clove should be kept in the painful area.  

Diluted Clove Oil for Cuts and Burns:

Cloves have antiseptic properties and hence the diluted clove oil should be applied over cuts, burns, wounds and bruises. Apart from this, cloves also relieve you from muscle spasms. Application of clove oil over affected area gives you a quick relief.

Prevent Blood Clots & Cure in Earaches:

Eugenol contained in cloves is helpful in preventing blood clots. Mixture of sesame oil and cloves is used as an effective home remedy to cure earaches. Clove oil also eliminates various intestinal parasites and its oil is used to provide you relief from stress, sore throat and sinus.

Other Benefits:

  • Control blood sugar levels
  • Cure skin conditions like acne
  • Ease Nausea
  • Clear nasal passages
  • Relieve you from headaches

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