Top 10 Ayurvedic Remedies to Cure Joint Pains

Joint pains have become a pretty common phenomenon today. Those who are in the habit of gulping down painkillers when it begins to nag, suffer in the long run. Do not let the joint pains intervene in the normal functioning of your day-to-day lives. Try these home remedies that will bring you a sure-shot respite.

Why Joints Begin to Pain?

As per Ayurveda, the joints begin to pain due to the digestive problems in your body. When toxins begin to build up in the spaces between your joints, they start pain when moved rigorously. This is probably the reason why many people make complaints of joint pains when they indulge in workouts.

Home Remedies to Treat Joint Pains:

Remedy 1:

Take some ginger-juice and mix rock salt (kaala namak) and black pepper in it, mix it properly. Take this mixture in the quantity of 3 grams each (thrice a day) with honey.

Remedy 2:

Massage the joints with the oil of Indian Margosa (neem). Do it twice daily for a couple of weeks.

Remedy 3:

If your joint pains is initiated due to cold weather, then take some seeds of Bishop weed. Add about a teaspoonful of salt in the 2 cups of water. Bring it to boil. Moistened a piece of cotton cloth with the fumes of this solution. Fomenting with this mixture, helps in removing joint pains easily.

Remedy 4:

Sometimes joint pains are felt more on the fingers, shoulders and knees while lifting heavy objects. These pains are more severe and persistent which do not alleviate even on treatments. If similar is the case with you, then you should start eating tomatoes daily. Eat at least 4-5 tomatoes daily or have a bowlful of tomato soup twice a day. Try this for a fortnight to get a long-term relief.

Remedy 5:

If the pain in your joints is acute, grind a gooseberry (amla). Make a solution of crushed gooseberry+crushed cardamom+warm water. Drink this solution at least once a day. It will help retain your vigor and the joint pains will go off.

Remedy 6:

Grind a petal of yellow oleander flower (Kaner), mix it with groundnut oil. Apply this paste on the affected areas. Use this for a week or two to get relieved.

Remedy 7:

Grind a few cloves of garlic and apply it on the affected areas. Continual usage of this paste will cure the pain. But, you need to be careful about washing the garlic paste after a few minutes as it may cause boils.

Remedy 8:

Soak some mustard seeds in water overnight. Grind it. Apply this paste on the affected areas. The pain will go off in a short while.

Remedy 9:

Taking peeled castor oil in empty stomach daily will help cure the problem in a couple of weeks.

Remedy 10:

Make a brew of castor oil+ginger juice. Drink this twice daily at dusk and at dawn to get a sure-shot relief.

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