How to Overcome the Problem of Bloating?

Do you suffer from bloating issues and have an uncomfortable sensation in stomach all the time? Some people are of the belief that it is caused due to lack of adequate sodium in the diet and others blame intake of protein rich diet. However, gastritis and bloating pain are caused by the bacteria of the gut that digest all the food in the small intestine which our body cannot absorb.

A Few Precautions:

With the help of a few precautions, you would be able to cure this annoying issue.

  • Do not talk while you eat. If you do so, you will also swallow air along with your food and the problem will aggravate.
  • Do not stand or move around while eating. Always sit down and have your food slowly.
  • Chew your food thoroughly.
  • Never drink water after consuming any of the diary products like milk, cheese, yogurt etc.

Foods That You Should Strictly Avoid:

If you are a chronic patient. These foods should be strictly avoided.

  • Legumes: soybeans, peas, lime beans and baked beans
  • Milk Products: cheese, milk, butter, ice-creams
  • Cereals: All the wheat products like bread, biscuits, pasta and wheat
  • Vegetables: Onions, radish, carrots, potatoes etc.
  • Fruits: Apples, bananas and raisins.

If you have a healthy digestive track, you are less vulnerable to bloating. There are some people who do not face the problem even if they consume the food which cause bloating. Eating foods in raw form cause more bloating.

A Practical Solution to Bloating:

There are many people who complain that the problem of bloating aggravates on taking too much of wheat flour products. Yes, it is true! If you stop taking wheat products in your diet, then the problem is sure to improve. Lactose intolerance is responsible for bloating. Stop drinking milk and consuming dairy products once you start growing in age because with age, most of us lose the lactase enzyme which results in bloating.

In Long and Short:

If you know the cause of the problem, you would be able to cure it effectively. However, if you start taking probiotics, you would be relieved in a short time. Probiotics are the beneficial and good bacteria that control the harmful bacteria within our digestive system. Taking adequate amounts of probiotics on a daily basis will help in curing the problem in a short time.

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