How to Get Rid of Back Pain Successfully?

There can be many causes of back pain. It may be caused due to sleeping on a mattress that is either too soft or old or it may be due to bad spinal disk. However, there may be some other causes that did not fall into the above categories. If your back pain continues to grow, it may indicate towards spinal disk problem.

When Your Spinal Disk is Affected:

Your spinal disk has a tough outer layer which covers the soft inner layer. If there is a lot of pressure on the outer layer, it begins to deteriorate and the inner layer herinates outwards that tend to compress the nerve root or the spinal cord. As a result of which you feel the pain or numbness in that area. More than 60% of people suffer from incessant back pain because of pinched nerve or nerve irritation.

Due to our day-to-day activities, the spinal disk remains in a minor stress always. So, it needs a continuous blood supply to recover from the daily wear and tear. The continuous supply of oxygen and nutrients can carry the cellular waste away. That’s being said, you may wonder “is it possible to reverse the blockage with the help of surgery or any other invasive procedure?”

What You Need to Do?

You need to change your eating habits. Just do away with the consumption of meat, pork, chicken, lean beef and meat. These foods have sufficient amount of cholesterol and their fat can cause blockage. On the contrary, you should take more of fruits, plant products, beans and veggies that contain almost no cholesterol. A vegetarian diet goes a long way to cleanse your bodies. When the arteries begin to heal up naturally, you start getting rid of accumulated plaque in them.

If a vegetarian diet does not work for you, you need to detox your bodies. Drink plenty of water for 20 days and you would be able to see the difference. Also, you need to abstain from alcohol and coffee. The pain will go gradually. Though, there are several over-the-counter drugs available, but following a simple exercise routine and eating a lot of fresh fruits and veggies will be of great help.

How to Detox Your Body?

Boil fresh coriander leaves and bring it to cool. Store this extract in the refrigerator and consume it on a daily basis.

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