Explore The Benefits of Having Bananas Daily

An apple a day keeps the doctor away,” Right? But, do you know that consuming bananas daily is four times more beneficial than eating apples per day. This horned shaped fruit is probably one of the most wonderful fruits that energize and heal. There are so many diseases and health conditions which can be prevented by eating two bananas per day. So, those who cannot afford to have expensive apples each day, need not worry. This poor-man fruit is just superb. Let us check out how:

Maintain Your c Levels:

It is due to the fact that bananas have a potassium content and negligible amounts of sodium content. People with high blood pressure should consider incorporating bananas in their daily diet. The fruit is so beneficial for the patients with high blood pressure that recently USDA has permitted the banana industries to make claims for the fruit’s ability to check high blood pressure levels.

Energize Your Brain:

Do away with the snacks like cookies, pastries and burgers. Try feeding your child with the banana which can prove to be the one of the most beneficial snacks. Its high potassium content will energize your brain and make your kids alert and active. Give them bananas at lunch, breaks and dinners this will help improving their test scores.

Restore Regular Bowel Movements:

Constipated? Do you know that bananas have a high percentage of colon cleansing fibers. Eating bananas daily helps in restoring bowel movements. So, stop having laxatives for regularizing your bowels and switch to a safer option of having bananas daily.

Fights Depression:

Since bananas contain a high level of tryptophan, which is protein that gets converted into Serotonin in human bodies. Serotonin helps in making you feel relaxed, happy and elevates your mood.

Cures Acidity:

Bananas are full of natural antacid and it is due to this reason that the fruit helps you to get rid of heartburns. So, if you have a difficult time after having your favorite pizza, pasta or any other junk food, please ensure to take bananas in the form desert.

Regulate Blood Sugar Levels:

Vitamin B6 found in bananas helps to regulate the blood sugar levels. So, the diabetic can have bananas in their daily diet.

Helps in Kicking The Smoking Habit: 

Bananas are beneficial for the smokers as they help them kick the habit. They have Vitamin B6 and B12 in abundance apart from magnesium and potassium which help the smokers to recover from the impact of nicotine withdrawal.

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