Why Does Your Blood Pressure Rises Suddenly? What are the Right Treatments?

If your blood pressure rises suddenly and it’s unpredictable then you should be on a high alert. Giddiness, nose-bleeding, headaches and hypertension are a few symptoms of sudden rise in blood pressure levels. Short-term rise in blood pressure can lead to an acute crisis because they can induce small cerebral vascular accidents which may cause an extreme damage to your brain.

What if Your Blood Pressure Rises Suddenly and Remains Elevated?

In such a case, you need to visit a doctor immediately. The sudden rise of high blood pressure is because of the side effects of a few drugs. It may be prescribed drugs as well. When your body begins to produce certain type hormones, your blood pressure tends to rise.

Kidney Diseases May Be Responsible:

Believe it or not, kidney diseases can be one reason for a sudden rise in blood pressure levels. The disease that narrows the blood vessels leading to the kidneys and reduces the blood flow is responsible for an abrupt rise in blood pressure.

Excessive Consumption of Caffeine or Alcohol:

There are lots of other reasons for a short-term rise in blood pressure. Excessive consumption of these two may lead to a high blood pressure level. There are other apparent factors like cocaine consumption and consumption of prescribed drugs like adrenal, steroids, contraceptive pills, antidepressants, anti-inflammatory drugs.

High Blood Pressure Diet

There are several foods that are responsible for elevating your blood pressure levels. Here are a certain foods that you must avoid.

Foods That Have High Sodium Content:

This is a known fact that processed salt is very dangerous to the patients of high blood pressure. You need to purchase sea salt in place of table salt to control the blood pressure.

Foods Containing Trans Fats:

Simply avoid eating deep fried or fatty foods.

Foods Like Red Meat:

Strictly avoid eating red meat because the toxic substances ingested and digested by the animals ate responsible for high blood pressure levels.

Foods Containing Sugar:

Foods containing sugar make you obese and Obesity is one of the High blood pressure these days.


  • Lose your weight and try drinking at least 10-12 glasses of water.
  • Eat smaller meals frequently.
  • Walk, run, dance, jog or do physical activities that keep you moving.
  • Include garlic, cantaloupe, spinach, beans, raisins, celery, etc. in your diet.

Foods You Should Eat:

  • Turmeric
  • Flax seeds
  • Soy
  • Fish

1. Lose weight. This is one of those things that is a lot easier said than done. However with a continued effort on your part you will begin losing the weight.

2. Increase the amount of water you drink to about 10-12 glasses a day. Drink water before every meal to help you feel full faster.

3. Eat smaller portions more frequently. Only eat until you are no longer hungry instead of eating until you are full.

4. Walk, jog, run, bike ride, play ball. Anything that will get you moving should be done. Start off slow and gradually increase your activity.

Of course, your physician will prescribe a medical evaluation to address these types of circumstances. You should actually be monitored by a hospital in order to carry out certain procedures to treat short- term high blood pressure. The residing physician will order Antihypertensive Therapy to make the blood pressure lower.

The therapy is managed by intravenous injection. This therapy is generally utilized if there is a risk of serious organ damage. However, if an acute Oedema of the lung appears, the doctor will prescribe a diuretic intravenous treatment. Causes of sudden high blood pressure are vast, but can be potentially self- maintained. It is certainly recommended that you seek the attention of a physician if the episodes of acute high blood pressure persist.

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