Why Do You And Your Kids Feel Sick All the Time?

Do you wonder why you feel sick all the time? Are you perplexed why the health condition of your kid is deteriorating constantly? Given here are the 3 most common causes of poor health that can make you feel sick all the time. Let us have a quick look:

You Are Exposed to Countless Allergens:

If you take processed foods and packaged juices that are synthetic and contain artificial colors and additives, you would be surprised to have a feeling of nausea, indigestion and constant headaches. Avoid them and try having freshly squeezed fruit juices & home made food. Not only this, if you stay around factories or industrial areas you are exposed to countless toxic materials that can wreak an absolute havoc on your health.

You Do Not Indulge in Workouts and Yoga:

If you are in the habit of waking late in the morning, you should better quit the habit. People who do not practice yoga and do not indulge in the workouts are likely to suffer from a poor health. Not only they gain weight, but are likely to suffer from lifestyle diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes and much more.

Remember the nursery rhyme? “Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” Yes, this is a magic wand. If you indulge in workouts or just go for a stroll or practice yoga, you will have a better metabolism, have better blood circulation and have a fit body. Lethargy, exhaustion, leg aches are some of the symptoms that manifest lack of exercise from your daily routine.

You Are Going to Bed Just After Your Meals:

Never do this whether it is a lunch or a dinner. Going to bed after meals would make you feel sick and you will have the problem of digestion, obesity and nausea. Take your meals at least 2-3 hours before you go to sleep.

You Harbor Parasites:

There can be an infinite number of reasons why you have parasites. Almost all the pet owners and the people feeding on raw pork harbor parasites. If such is the case with you too, it is better to get yourself de-wormed every year as parasites in your stomach or intestine can make you feel sick all the time. You will fail to focus, feel dizzy, hungry, have frequent headaches and a lot more.

Candida Overgrowth:

If you have health issues like bloating, chronic gas, allergies, coughing, constipation, asthma, respiratory problems and a lot more then this is due to Candida overgrowth. This yeast exists in every human being but a few human bodies are capable of controlling it whereas the rest suffer.

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