How to Stop Premature Ejaculations Effectively?

Premature ejaculation is a common health issue these days. People suffering from this problem put their partners in the state of utter confusion and left embarrassed. But, this cannot be a cause of worry for those who know that this is just a sexual stimulus which can be checked by controlling your body behavior. Prior to discussing how to control premature ejaculations, let us explore the cause of this health issue.

What Causes Premature Ejaculation?

Doctors are of the view that if a man cannot control his ejaculations then there are psychological reasons behind it. Some researchers are of the opinion that the males who suffer from premature ejaculations have a highly sensitive penis and have increased the flow of certain hormones. Sometimes, males become nervous about their sexual encounter and whether or not they would be able to satisfy their partners.

 This also results in an early ejaculation. If you are overzealous and have a lot of excitement regarding your imminent sexual intercourse then too you are likely to ejaculate before the encounter.

How to Stop Premature Ejaculation?

Eat a Fruit or Tune in to a Soothing Music Just Before Sex:

As per a recent research work, premature ejaculation is caused due to the reduced level of serotonin hormone. If you can boost the level of serotonin by ingesting some carbohydrate or listening to a relaxing music, you will be to hold your ejaculation for a long time.

Try These Tips to Check The Problem:

If you know how to control your body behavior, you would be more disciplined. This can be done by performing a certain set of exercises.

Squeeze the Base of Your Penis:

Perform this exercise while you are indulging in intercourse. Squeeze the base of your penis and hold it with pressure till the time you feel that the urge to ejaculate has decreased. Release your penis, wait for a couple of seconds and then resume. This is a great way to train your body to control early ejaculations.

Keep on Changing the Positions:

There are some males who get excited more when they are on the top while there are some others who have early orgasms when their partners are on the top. Soo, you should keep on changing the positions till you find the one in which you are penis is lesser sensitive.

Mastubarting Prior to Intercourse Helps:

If you can masturable a couple of hours before having sex, you can have long lasting erection and would not have an early ejaculation. This is so because males normally last for a long time after they have their first orgasms (which is a build up of much excitement).

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