Wheat Grass Therapy: A Therapy That Can Amaze You!

What is Wheat Grass? How is it Beneficial? 

Wheat grass is obtained by sprouting wheat seeds and it is normally grown at home for the several health benefits of the juice that can be extracted from it. Rich in beta carotene, chlorophyll and antioxidants, the wheat grass is a boon to the victims of high blood pressure, anemia, acidity, diabetes and acidity. According to an American health specialist: Dr.N Vigmore, regular consumption of wheatgrass juice helps you to get rid of even the chronic diseases and also helps you feel energetic and rejuvenated. 

Cleanses Your Blood: 

As it is rich in chlorophyll and minerals, it cleanses our blood and keep the diseases of heart, kidneys, lungs at bay. Whether the issue is as mundane as cough and cold or as big as asthma, bronchitis, etc., you will be relieved by consuming wheat grass juice on a regular basis. 

What Health Experts Believe? 

Several health experts are of the same opinion that the wheat grass juice gives a boost to your immunity levels, detoxify your blood, makes you energetic. Some of the proponents claim that high chlorophyll level of the wheat grass elevates your blood oxygen level and thereby medical conditional like rheumatic pain, colic pain and gout etc. can be cured by wheat grass therapy.

What is Wheat Grass Therapy? 

In this therapy, you have to consume the juice of wheat grass every day in the early morning for twenty days continuously. You cannot consume anything for about 30-40 minutes after drinking this juice. The quantity of wheat grass juice that you should take varies with the type of disease you are suffering from. 

For Mundane Problems Like Cough and Cold: 

100 milliliters or about half a cup every day. 

For Chronic Diseases: 

In the beginning, you should take 50 milliliters or one fourth of a cup, but you can raise it gradually to 200-250 millimeters or one cup a day. 

As a Preventive Measure: 

For keeping diseases at bay and to remain active you should consume about one-fourth of a cup or 50 milliliters of wheat grass juice every day

Where Can You Obtain Wheat Grass From? 

Wheatgrass can be easily obtained from natural food stores. These are normally sold in bottles, but are also available in the form capsules, powders and pills etc. To get the optimum benefits, you can grow wheatgrass at home by sprouting the wheat seeds. 

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