Tea and Coffee: Are They Good or Bad For Your Health?

Tea and coffee lovers who are conscious about their health often wonder that whether drinking caffeine is good for their health or not. Well! There are both pros and cons of drinking coffee or tea. Let us start with the ugly side of drinking too much caffeine.

Why Shouldn’t You?

It may be shocking for you to know that caffeine is just like a drug that has plenty of side effects. It is addictive and once you start taking them in the morning you will find it difficult to do away with this habit. Not only this, caffeine is highly acidic and drinking tea/coffee more than twice day leads to the problem like bloating, indigestion, weak immune system and  your adrenal glands are likely to get damaged as well. Your body needs more of alkaline foods like fresh fruits and veggies.

Why Should You?

There are several researches which have proved that drinking caffeine helps in the prevention and treatment of diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. That apart, several types of skin cancers are also known to be cured by the caffeine. When taken in moderate amounts, caffeine increases your focus, concentration and performance. Green tea is an excellent choice. Its antioxidants fight the free radicals present in our body and wards off the signs of aging, helps in weight loss and fight the signs of cancer.

What Should Be Done?

  • Even if you are an ardent lover, you should limit your caffeine intake to 2-3 cups daily.
  • Replace your coffee with green tea that can help detoxify your body.
  • Try not adding milk and sugar to your coffee. Drink black coffee and use stevia or honey as a sweetener. Using flavored creamers proves to be disastrous. 
  • Last but not the least, do not drink caffeine after meals. If you do so, the vital nutrients of your food, do not get absorbed into your body properly.
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