Preparing for Cold and Flu Season: The Right Way

The time is approaching when we start vaccinating, and taking vitamin C tablets, and watching our health.  But what does that entail really? Are you going to stop going to the gym for fear of working out to much, and getting weak. If everything we do is in anticipation of getting sick, then how are we supposed to function? Let’s cover the best ways to prepare you without getting out of hand.  Here’s to a great and healthy winter!         

  • Stock Up!

Throughout the years, I’ve always found myself running short on basic medical supplies for emergencies. This is important for any household, but just having the right means to care for medical emergencies around you is incredible important. There are many places to stock up on supplies, but with winter coming now is the best time to start planning and allocating funds.

  • Get into a routine

Every day you should find yourself in a routine that promotes your health. Consider all the unhealthy habits you practice on a daily basis, and as the seasons change so should they. If you do 10 unhealthy things in a day, and one good practice then try to slowly change this. One day, you’ll find that you do one unhealthy practice and ten good habits have arisen.

  • Don’t Believe all the Hype

There’s a lot of bad health advice out there, and the biggest one is something that we experience physically. The question in mind is about working out and feeling under the weather. Should you be active when you fell a cold coming on? The answer is yes! Your body produces endorphins that can help jump start your immune system more than sitting stagnant will. As long as you don’t over work yourself you’ll find that your mind and body will transcend those feeling of infection.

  • Set Up an Appointment

If you don’t know where you’re at health-wise, then it’s time to set up an appointment. Maybe you’ve just got back into exercising, or you’re unsure about your diet, schedule an appointment with your local doctor’s office. You can get a blood test done to determine if your dietary intake is providing the right nutrients, and enough of them. When diets go unchecked, there are often huge surprises in what nutrients our bodies are lacking and how that can be affecting our overall health is nightmarish.

  • Know the difference

The biggest challenge of the season: understanding when you’re getting sick, and what to do about it. No one wants to give up a day’s pay for a day at home stuck in bed. There are many way to know the difference between he cold and flu, but the devil is in the details. Think of it as head and body, for an easy reference. If you feel sore, and dehydrated, paired with a headache, you probably have the flu, but when only experiencing headache, you’ll want to lean more toward the cold. While both require rest, catching the flu early can lead to less time off work and more productivity. Look over the rest of this guide for more tips. With these few tips you can stay healthy this coming season, and not suffer a winter of idleness. Remember to be active in your health and the payoff will be evident.  Keep yourself up to date with medical supplies, a healthy diet and exercise, and make sure to see a doctor to plan for your future.

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