Some Incredible Health Facts That You Did Not Know

Eat Fish to Quit the Habit of Smoking

There would be no wonder if I say that eating fish is good for enhancing your brain power, improving your eyesight and for a healthy skin. But, do you know that the addiction of smoking can be done away with by incorporating fishes in your daily diet? Incredible though it may sound. But, this is a fact. It has been proved in a recent research conducted by University of Haifa.

Why This Happens?

People who consume fish or fish oil on a regular basis do not feel like smoking. Omega 3 found in the fishes is responsible for this. Fishes are a rich source of Omega-3 and as per a research work conducted by the scientists, certain neurons send the messages of happiness and well being to the brain. The shape and size of these neurons change when you do not take Omega 3 in your diet regularly as the result of which you cannot curb your addictions. Smoking excessively is an addiction, which can be brought under control when you begin to take Omega 3 regularly.

High Blood Sugar Causes Dental Issues:

According to the health experts, elevated blood sugar levels mean more sugar and starch in saliva. When enamel of the teeth comes in a regular contact with acid they begin to deteriorate. More sugar or starch in the saliva results in the formation of plaques where bacteria thrive and secrete acid. This acid attack ruins the health of teeth.

Healing of Wounds Takes Time If You Are Diabetic:

Diabetes results in the reduced production of White Blood Corpscules (WBCs) as the result of healing of wounds take more time than the normal. It is due to this reason that even a small wound does not heal up quickly in the diabetic patients.

Turnip Lowers the Blood Sugar Level:

If you are looking for the natural ways to lower your blood sugar and have tried natural remedies like mustard seeds and blackberries, incorporate turnip into your daily diet. Eating it raw will benefit you more.

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