Orange Peels Are Not Waste…..See How

The next time you reach out to throw your orange peel to the compose pit, think again. Orange peels can be used as an effective anti-aging treatment. Apart from that, these can also used to prepare a wonderful tea that helps in weight reduction. The oil obtained from the orange peels can is extremely useful in treating indigestion and various types of allergies.

How Orange Peel Tea Reduces Weight?

The peel of a green orange which is scientifically known as citrus aurantium contains compounds like octopamine, tyramine and synehrine that aids in suppressing your appetite which result in weight loss. Not only this, tyramine contained in the orange peel increases your metabolic rate and your body begins to burn calories. Octopamine suppresses your cravings towards food. Tyramine and Synephine contained in the peel offs promotes weight reduction.

Add Flavor to Your Food:

Orange peels are known to enhance the flavor of dishes. It is due to this reason that the chefs and cooks grate these peels and combine them to give a boost to the taste and flavor of their palatable dishes.

Orange Peel Tea Promotes Weight Reduction:

Orange peels are mixed with green tea to accelerate weight loss. There are some other herbs which can be mixed with the peel to prepare the weight loss tea. In short, the orange peel weight loss tea burns more calories, reduce the fattening effect (when you eat carbs), it has a lot of antioxidants and fights the signs of early aging.

Stimulates Lymph Flow And Blood Circulation:

This wonderful tea stimulates the flow of lymph in your body. It enhances your blood circulation and flushes out surplus fluids from your body. Not only this, the tea is a great mood booster as it soothes your nerves. It is a popular remedy for stress and depression.

A Word of Caution For You

No doubts that orange peels are great for your health. However, you should be very careful about its excessive intake. Consuming this ingredient in excessive amounts may give rise to several health related issues like constricted blood vessels, palpitation and other adverse health issues.

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