How to Maintain a Glowing Skin At Any Age?

The glow of your face manifests your healthy physical self. So, reveal your radiant skin to tell the world that you are healthy as well. With the growing age, fine lines, crow’s feet and wrinkles begin to appear on your face. Dark circles beneath the eyes are a common problem these days due to erratic dietary patterns and stress. Given here are a couple of useful skin-tips using which you can maintain a healthy glow on your face irrespective of your age.

Skin Care (Between 10-20 years):

According to the beauty experts, due to over production of certain hormones in this age, your sebaceous (oil glands) get activated and your skin tends to produce more oil. It is due to this reason that the problem of blackheads and acne become more common. You need to follow the following tips to get rid of them and to reveal your beautiful self:

Skin Care (Between 20-30 years):

Stress of studies, building career, job or household chores ruin the beauty of your skin as the result of which you begin to show the sign of aging at the age when you should not. This is the age where you need a regular facial part of your daily cleansing you do. Cleansing removes the dead cells of your skin and facial is good for skin-tightening. Start using anti-aging creams if the signs of aging has started appearing.

Skin Care (Between 30-40):

Your skin demands extra care when you reach this age. Apart from the normal facial, you should go for AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Facial) which is essential for collagen production in your skin. This helps in keeping wrinkles and dark circles around your eyes at bay.

Skin Care (Between 40-50):

When the women reach this age they attain menopause normally. This is the age when your skin is most vulnerable. Pigmentation, dark spots, wrinkles, etc. begins to appear if your skin does not get a proper upkeep.

  • Go for facial in every 20 days.
  • Your skin begins to lose moisture very fast at this age, so keep it hydrated all the time.

Skin Care (After 50):

In this age your skin needs a solid nutrition apart from the moisturizer. Grind some almonds and mix a spoonful of calamine milk and honey. Apply this paste on face regularly and wash thoroughly with a lukewarm water. Keep your skin hydrated always.

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