Five Magical Tips to Enhance Your Memory

If you think that poor memory is the manifestation of your growing age, you need to think again. You can start losing memory at any age if your mind is teeming with too many thoughts. Well! Given here are five magical tips which will improve your memory and help you to lead a better life.

  • Switch to healthy eating habits. Believe it or not! Veggies have healthier bodies and minds. Consume a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Make your brain work more and incorporate the habit of exercising your brain frequently. You can indulge in solving puzzles, crosswords and Sudoku etc.
  • Learning mnemonics will be of great help. You can enhance your memory by associating things you want to learn with the ones you are familiar with.
  • Always remember that power of repetition help you to memorize better. Repeat the information that you want to store in your mind and you would then be able to recall it much more easily.
  • Visualization trains your mind better. So, try to visualize the things you want to learn. Studies have proved that it is easier to memorize pictures and hence if you have a poor memory start visualizing the things you want to remember.

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