When Should You Eat Fruits to Get Their Optimum Benefits?

Everybody knows that fruits are nutritious and they provide the right amount of vitamins and minerals. Owing to this reason, fruits are indispensable part of all health-conscious people. If you are one of them and particular about your health, you need to know what is the right time for eating fruits. Do not eat them at the wrong time as they will ruin your health instead of making it. So, a lot depends on when you eat them.

Eat Them When You Are Empty Stomach:

The right time to eat fruits is in the morning when you are empty stomach and have not eaten anything. This is the best time to get the optimum benefit of eating fruits. If you are taking them as a breakfast, make sure that you do not take other food stuff along with it.

Do Not Take Fruits in Between or After Meals:

If you do so, you will suffer from bloating and acidity. There is a reason behind it. Fruits contain simple sugars that do not normally need digestion so they hardly remain in your stomach, whereas other foods take a long time to get digested. If you eat fruits along or after meals they get mixed with the rest of the food in your intestine and remain there for a long time as the result of which acid begins to form and you suffer from bloating and acidity. So, do not let them ferment by eating them with other foods.

Eat Them Couple of Hours After Meals:

Try to eat them as snacks when you are on an empty stomach. Always remember that eating any fruit before the meal is less risky than eating it after the meals. Also, prefer having whole fruits instead of juices because this will give you fibers and the requisite roughage along with the important vitamins and minerals. Never try to cook, heat or bake them. This will destroy their nutrients.

Drink Water After Having Citrus Fruits:

Eating citrus fruits helps increasing your immunity and have plenty of other health benefits too. But, it is important for you to drink a glass of water or two every time you eat any citrus fruit. This is so because citrus fruits have a high acidic content and drinking water immediately after their consumption will help in neutralizing their acids.

You need to eat at least 2-5 fruits every day. Eating them in the morning prior to having your breakfast will give you their maximum benefit. But, you can consider having them between the meals too.

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