Effective Bedtime Remedies To Curb Snoring

Does your partner have sleepless nights because of your snoring habit and you are also suffering from daytime fatigue and increased irritability? If yes, then it is time for you to get it checked. All those people who snore have additional nasal or throat tissues that are likely to vibrate when relaxed. Not only this, people snore because the position of their tongue hampers their smooth breathing. 

Why People Snore? 

People snore when they are fast asleep and would not be able to breathe through their mouth or nose. This is caused when the airway gets narrower or blocked either from the wrong sleep posture or due to anomalies of nasal or throat tissues. 

  • Once you reach the middle age, muscle tone in your throat reduces and the throat is likely to become narrower. 
  • There are some physical attributes like enlarged adenoids and cleft palate that are responsible for snoring. Males have shrunk air passages and therefore they are more vulnerable. 
  • When vacuum is generated in the throat, snoring occurs. When you have blocked airways due to sinus then you would not be able to inhale easily and likely to snore. 
  • If you are overweight then you will have poor muscle tone (throat) and are susceptible to snoring. 
  • Apart from that, several other factors like consuming alcohol, smoking and wrong sleep posture are some other factors that contribute to snoring because these factors enhance muscle relaxation. 

How To Stop Snoring? 

Apparently, losing weight, quitting alcohol and exercising help you to get rid of snoring, but there are some sure shot bed time remedies that help you come out of this nagging problem. 

Use Nasal Decongentant: Stuffy nose passage makes inhalation a difficult process and also generates a vacuum in your throat which in turn leads to snoring. Try using nasal decongestants to clear your nasal passages. You can also use nasal strips that can allow you to breathe easily.

Use Humidifier: You can also consider the option of using humidifiers to keep your bedroom air moist. If dry air circulates in your room, your throat and nasal membrane is likely to get affected and you will snore. 

Elevate Your Head: 

If you can elevate your head atleast4-5 inches, it will ease your breathing process and your tongue as well as jaw will move forward. So, use the type of pillows to check your snoring habit. 

Do Not Consume Caffeine Or Alcohol: 

It should be strictly avoided specially 2 hours before you go to bed. Also avoid eating dairy products before bedtime. 

Correct Sleep Posture: 

Do not sleep on your back as by doing so it would result your tongue to drop and the airway is likely to get obstructed. Always try to sleep on your side if you want to prevent snoring. 

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