Why Do You Have Nauseating Feeling? How to Control it?

Are you a victim of constant nausea and often wonder how to control the sensation? There may be a lot of reasons behind nausea and if you know the real reason, your woes will end. Given here are some of the causes of nausea and ways to control the nauseating feeling.

Ginger Root for Expectant Moms:

If you are expecting and have the constant nauseating feeling then try ginger which has been used for long by many to curb the feeling. Preparing a nice ginger root tea is easy. You just have to cut off the ginger root piece and steep it in the boiling water for five minutes before you remove it. Drinking a lot ginger root tea helps to relax your stomach lining and reduce the nauseating feeling.

Dry Soda Crackers for Upset Stomach:

If you are a victim of acidity, you should try to consume dry soda crackers. These crackers absorb the surplus acid in your stomach and curb the nauseating feeling. If an upset stomach is the cause of nausea, then dry soda crackers work wonders for you.

Peppermint for Bad Taste in Mouth:

If you think that bad taste in the mouth is the cause of nausea, then try peppermint to reduce the feeling. You can try making peppermint tea or pop peppermint candies. This will relieve you from the feeling.

Some Additional Tips:

  • If you have morning sickness symptom, then you should try eating something light as soon as you wake up.
  •  Do away with the foods rich in fats and spices.
  • Keep yourself properly hydrated. Drink herbal tea and fruit juices, etc. Ginger tea is very useful.
  • Taking short meals throughout the day and discarding bigger meals is a wise idea.
  • When you sleep, do not forget to keep pillows under your legs as well.
  • Brush your teeth immediately after taking meals.

Your ultimate goal is to explore the cause behind nausea so that you can nip the disease in the bud. An overgrowth of Candida, food allergies and parasites may be some other reasons. So, try consuming yoghurt, bread or light cereal to keep the nauseating feeling at bay if you are pregnant.

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