Top 10 Tips to Drink More Water Every Day

That water flushes out toxins from your body and drinking at least 8-10 glasses of water is necessary are well-known facts. But, how many of you drink plenty of water sincerely? Almost 70% of the earth is covered by water and our bodies have 50% of fluids. So, you can better imagine the importance of water. If, despite knowing its significance, you are being negligent or cannot manage to have the requisite amount daily, given here are 10 effective tips for you.

Tip 1:

Set a target to fill at least 2 bottles of 2 liters and finish them by the end of the day. In the beginning you may be able to finish one only, but the requirement of your body is catered if you are able to finish both of them in a day.

Tip 2:

Try having a mouthful of water every time you see a water bottle before you.

Tip 3:

Kick-start your day with at least 500 ml of water. After having enough water you should fast for at least half an hour. Also, try to have lukewarm water in the morning and mix a few drops of lime juice in it.

Tip 4:

Do not take much fluid while cooking. The better option is to steam the food so that the water content of it can be increased. If you get the opportunity of having soups. Just go for it.

Tip 5:

Always remember that tea, coffee and cold drinks can not be substituted for the plain water. But, you can go in for your favorite juices or flavored water instead of having just bland water.

Tip 6:

Keep the water around you, wherever you go, there should be a water bottle from which you can have a mouthful of water. Make it a habit to keep bottles on all the places frequented by you.

Tip 7:

Bring your favorite citrus fruits and squeeze them at home. Freshly squeezed juice of fruits meet your water requirements and provide you with the necessary vitamins and minerals.

Tip 8:

You can consider starting your day with coconut water. Coconut water is one of the most nutritious drinks on earth as it is a pure endosperm.

Tip 9:

Creating activities like who would drink most of the water, who will win the race when it comes to drinking water etc. will keep you motivated towards drinking water.

Tip 10:

Put a reminder on your mobile that can alert you in every alternate hour to drink water while you work in the office or at home. You can also fill a copper vessel with water and night and set the target to drink the entire water in a day.

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