Some Important Health Facts: A Quick Look

Daily Consumption of Pomegrante Boosts Sexual Stamina:

Instead of gulping down pills to enhance sexual vigor, you should take one glassful of fresh pomegranate juice for at least a fortnight. Researchers working at Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh have found that males and females consuming pomegranate juice regularly have elevated level of testosterone. This hormone enhances sexual urge in both males and females. In females, this hormone affects the adrenal glands and oviducts making their bones and muscles stronger.

Resins and Soybeans Controls Blood Pressure:

Make a fistful of resins and soybeans a part of your daily diet if you have elevated blood pressure levels. As per a study conducted by The American College of Cardiology, chewing at least a fistful of raisins a day keeps your blood pressure under control. Also, a survey conducted has reveled that the people consuming raisins in their daily diet have their blood pressure levels controlled in twelve weeks.

Sexual intercourse Benefits You in Many Ways:

If you think that sexual intercourse is the source of ultimate pleasure only you need to think again. There are multiple benefits of indulging in sex. Studies have revealed that the estrogen hormone released during sex controls osteoporosis. Also, increase in endophirin hormone released during this activity makes your skin smooth fair and beautiful. As you burn 500-1000 calories during this activity, so indulging in sex also checks obesity. Sex also relieves you from the diseases like migraine, headaches and hysteria.

Tobacco causes infertility:

Tobacco not only affects your mouth, teeth and other body parts, but the Department of Biophysics, PGI Chandigarh has found out that the tobacco is responsible for causing infertility in males and if the expecting mother consumes tobacco, then the fetus may suffer from several health issues because tobacco consumption affects the enzymes that help in the production of sex hormones.

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