Some Home Remedies That Relieve You From Persistent Headaches

Stop gulping analgesics when you have headaches as it is extremely harmful to your health. There are certain effective home remedies which cure headaches naturally. Also, tweaking your lifestyles and eating habits go a long way in relieving you from the pain. If you have frequent headaches, try these useful and natural tips to get sure shot respite.

What Causes Headaches?

There can be myriad reasons behind this most commonly occurring problem. Some people are allergic to milk, chocolates, alcohol, etc. Sometimes small physical disorders like diarrhea or sneezing can be a reason behind your headaches. Other reasons for headaches include eyestrain, low sugar level, intoxication and a lot more.

Garlic and Ginger:

Garlic is a wonderful spice that is known for its headache allaying effects. Application of garlic juice on forehead relieves you from the headache instantly. Ginger juice is also helpful in alleviating headaches.


Mix lemon juice in black tea to get instant relief from the long-standing headache. If heat is the cause of your headache, you will be relieved by the rind of lemon. Make a fine paste of lemon rind and apply it over your forehead or temples. This will relieve you.


If you have persistent headaches then you need to eat apples early in the morning for at least a week. This will give you a long-term respite. You need to remove its peel and its core before consuming it.


Patients of acidity should apply a paste of sandalwood to their foreheads to get relieved. It is considered to be an effective home remedy for curing the headaches triggered by acidity or indigestion.

Cinnamon Powder:

Cinnamon powder can be used to cure headaches which are triggered by common cold or fever. For immediate relief, mix the ground spice with water and apply the paste on your forehead.


Cloves are aromatic and provide you an immediate relief. They soothe your nerves and relax your nerves thus alleviates your headaches.


Rub the fresh flowers of henna in vinegar and apply it over your forehead in case of a mild to moderate headaches.


This is a great herb which cures your headaches naturally. To get relieved boil this herb with water and inhale the steam for a couple of minutes

Eucalyptus Oil:

Herbal oils such as eucalyptus oil provide relief from headaches. If the problem is chronic, massage your head with the oil to get relieved.

Water Therapy:

If stomach or liver upset are the cause of headaches then a cleansing enema will do the needful for you. Hot fomentations are also helpful.

Other Treatments:

  • Hot foot bath
  • Yoga and Exercises
  • Nutrition (a lot of dry fruits and protein-rich diet should be taken)
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