How To Keep Your Vagina Tight, Fresh And Healthy?

Loose vagina is a common phenomenon after childbirth. If you are one of the women who suffer from mental agony and fail to give the required sexual pleasure to your partner, need not worry. There are certain tips using which you can tighten your vaginal walls to get the maximum sexual pleasure.

Why Do Your Vagina Become Loose?

At the time of child delivery your pelvic muscles relax to ease the process. This results in the vaginal walls, turning loose. There are some desperate females who go for clinical methods to tighten their vagina, but there are certain natural ways also which should be preferred more. Let us have a quick look at them.

What Should You Do?

  • Prepare the solution of crushed gooseberries (amla). Mix gooseberries with water and boil it. Cool the mixture and wash your vagina from this mixture to tighten it. If you continue doing this everyday, you would see the difference in a couple of weeks.
  • Kegel exercises are a great way to tighten your vagina. It contracts your vagina naturally. Perform these exercises for twelve counts per day (minimum).
  • Vaginal cones sold in the market help a lot. These devices should be inserted inside the vagina and you should then hold them there. You should start with the lighter cones first and then switch to the heavier ones. This should be done twice or thrice a day for 20 minutes.

Tips to Get Clean and Healthy Vagina:

If you are wary about your uncleaned and unattractive vagina, which smell awfully then you should try the following tips:

Wash your underwear after every shower:

A need underwear should be your priority if you want a healthy, clean and fresh vagina. Prevent your vagina from infections by washing it daily after shower.

Stop using soaps

Never use soap to wash your vaginal walls. Always wash your vagina with fresh and clean water only and make sure to wash it every time you urinate.

Absolutely clean hands should be used down there:

Ask your partner to wash his hands thoroughly before the foreplay so as to do away with the chances of any infection.

Use only cotton underwear:

Cotton underwears help absorbing sweat of the vaginal walls and make you feel comfortable.

Vaginal wash is a must:

If you want a fresh and good smelling vagina, always use a good herbal vaginal wash. It not only helps your vagina keep fresh, but also tightens it.  

Also, do not sleep with your underwear on. Let your vagina breath in the fresh air for some time. Last but not the least go for regular medical checkups.

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