How to Delay the Process of Aging Successfully?

All the beautiful ladies who have nightmares of their skin aging faster, can heave a sigh of relief now. Premature aging is something which everyone abhors and you are not an exception. Delaying the process of aging is possible through a proper upkeep. If you can prevent your skin against damage you can delay the aging process. Let us first have a look at how your skin ages.

How Your Skin Ages?

The first noticeable sign of aging skin are fine lines and wrinkles. These fine lines become worse as the time passes by. The first wrinkle on your face indicates beginning of the aging process. With the passage of time skin begins to lose its moisture and degeneration of collagen fibers begin which results in the loss of fatty tissue and uneven pigmentation. As the skin begins to age you will experience dryness, roughness and uneven pigmentation.

How to Delay the Process?

The greatest way to delay the process is to begin taking a proper care. This will maintain the glow for a long time. There are many people around that do not pay heed to the skin care till the first wrinkle appear and the first sign of aging hits their panic button. However, those who remain careful can delay the process and get excellent results. The good upkeep of the skin not only delays the process but makes it glow with health.

Must Avoids:

  • Exposure to sun for a long time
  • Smoking and drinking
  • Central Air conditioning
  • Sitting in front of computers all through the day
  • Exposure to pollutants
  • Lack of fiber-rich, balanced diet.
  • Too much stress

Anti Aging Foods:

Make sure to take anti-aging foods in plenty. These are colorful fruits and vegetables. Carrots are a very rich source of antioxidants and delay the process. According to a research, eating a lot of carrots and tomatoes prove to be beneficial. Try having a lot of vegetables in the raw form.

Black pepper is a powerful spice that can successfully combat the signs of aging. Apart from delaying the process of aging, it has strong antibacterial properties too. If you want to appear young for a long time, you need to crush some whole black peppers and put them over your food. The powdered form of black pepper sold in the market has a lesser amount of antioxidants.

Cinnamon is yet anothersignificant source of antioxidants. This is also used by the patients of diabetes as it stimulates insulin receptors so that your body cells can absorb glucose as well.

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