Holy Basil: A Wonderful Herb That Cures With Care!

Owing to its diverse health benefits, Tulsi or Holy Basil is not merely a pious herb only. Tulsi is a wonderful herb that is grown all across India for the purpose of being worshipped, is now acknowledged for having amazing medicinal properties. Let us have a quick look.

Health Benefits of Holy Basil

Boosts Up Your Immunity:

The herb enhances your immunity levels as it fights the antibodies invading your body. Also, its regular consumption helps in the increased production of T helper cells that fight the antigens entering in your bodies.

Tonic For Your Nerves:

The regular usage of the herb strengthens your nervous system and control many activities of the body. Victims of Parkinson disease and paralysis can be cured with the proper usage of Holy Basil. Also, it is being used for enhancing concentration and mental ability.

Common Cold And Flu:

Chewing tulsi leaves or having tulsi tea relieves you from the common cold as the herb is an immunity booster, it relieves you from the infections like influenza

Soothes Your Throat:

If you have a sore throat try chewing basil leaves. It is a sure-shot remedy for cough and also curb the infection of the respiratory tract and throat. It expels out the mucus of the respiratory track and cleanse it. Patients of asthma and bronchitis find this herb very beneficial. Not only this, holy basil is the best remedy for any kind of respiratory disorder.

Heart Issues:

 It is very beneficial for the people having heart problems because it enhances blood circulation to the heart and cuts down your cholesterol level.

Kidney Stones:

It is useful in stabilizing renal. It treats renal calculi and helps in breaking the stone which ultimately passes out with urine:

Other Health Benefits

  • Oral infection
  • Insect sting
  • Headaches
  • Tooth problems
  • Eye related problems
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