Five Super Foods to Eat Everyday for Perfect Skin

Impeccable skin is what every woman craves for. If you have always dreamt of being blessed with the kind of skin that can envy anyone stop applying pricey cosmetic production on your skin and try these super foods so that your skin can glow with health naturally. Let us have a quick look at some of the super foods that work wonders on your skin.

Red Bell Pepper:

These are one of the tastiest vegetables that can be relished both raw and cooked. Just one red bell pepper is more than enough to cater all your Vitamin C needs in a day. It is extremely rich in carotenoids and therefore prevents fine lines and wrinkles. It contains only 30 calories and enhances the blood circulation off your skin to keep you young for long.

Dark Chocolates:

If you wonder if chocolates can do any good to your health then you need to think again. It is rich in flavanols and makes your skin glow. The antioxidants contained in the dark chocolates prevent your skin against the sun damage and cures the rough & dry skin.

Coconut Oil:

It contains 90% of calories as saturated fat. The oil protects your skin from virus, acne and any other kind of infections. It contains Lauric acid which is an extremely powerful antibacterial agent. It contains Vitamin E and essential fatty acids that help keeping your skin wrinkle-free for a long time.


It is a must have for a healthy skin. It is an excellent source of magnesium, iron, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, fiber, Vitamin C and protein. Spinach is one of the best sources of antioxidants which fight all the skin issues. Eat spinach every day to cleanse your skin thoroughly.


Hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds, flax or sunflower seeds, all are rich source of Vitamin E, magnesium, proteins etc. that keep your wrinkles at bay. Vitamin E contained in these seeds hydrates your skin and Magnesium lowers your stress levels. Also, Omega 3 fatty acids contained in these seeds are the best for acne and wrinkles.

Incorporate these Foods Too:

  • Green Tea
  • Carrots
  • Papaya
  • Celery
  • Salmon

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